New Edition of Easy Steps Series – Drawing books for Children by Ekas Books is launched

The set of Easy Steps Series, which was launched by Ekas Books few months ago, is now released with new additions. The series of drawing books for children is upgraded, keeping the needs and understanding of pre-school and kindergarten kids.

As they learn better by seeing different things they see in their immediate surroundings.  The spokesperson of the company said that in this all new set of drawing books for children is incorporated with a variety of techniques of drawings which can be easily understood and implemented by the toddlers.

Aimed at the kids of 3 to 5 years of age, this Easy Steps Series is available in set of three books having step by step guide to draw each illustration in order to make it simple for children to get familiar with the objects to be drawn.  The speaking authority of Ekas Books specifically mentioned that all of the books published by them are printed using better-quality raw material including coloured inks, eco friendly, high grade paper quality etc. Ekas Books ensures that children use and have the benefit of using these books efficiently at the same time enjoying their studies at most level. Parents, teachers, school authorities and co-publishers can visit the website www.ekasbooks.com and view the catalogue of the books online.

About Ekas Books

Ekas Books - publisher and producer of drawing books for children of pre-school and kindergarten has made their presence well-admired with the quality and creativity of books they other. The company is acknowledged for producing unique children drawing books, pre – school drawing books, puzzle books and children activities for Kindergarten students.

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JG-III, 83/A, Vikas Puri, New Delhi-110018,
Delhi 110018,


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